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Published on March 7th, 2018 | by George McKechnie


Which Bluehost Shared Hosting Package Is Best?

If you are someone who is blogging on Blog Spotor if you plan to start a WordPress blog, or even if you are planning to change your web hosting like if you plan to buy Blue host shared hosting, they have three different plans and it gets confusing that which plan is right for you.

First, once you are on the Blue host website, the first thing that you’ll be doing is clicking on the get started now and this will take you to this sign up page where it will give you three options and for the first time user, it is very confusing and especially if you are seeing this page for the first time, the first question that you would be asking to yourself is which is the right hosting package for you, so the difference between three packages and you can pick the one which is best for your blog or website type.

  1. Starter package
  2. Plus package
  3. Business Pro

Starter Package

On Starter package, you can host only one website which is a limitation but at times specially for webmaster who just want to host one website, there is no point of buying a bigger package which you might not use but at the same time, if you, starting with one website right now and you have the plan to start with another website in after few days or after few months, then it’s a good idea that you should not use Starter package, you should buy Plus package that is a difference.

Plus Package

On Plus package, you can host unlimited website, so it’s always a good idea to go for plus package if you have plans to expand.

Business Pro Package

One of the major differences between Business Pro package and the Plus package is this, dedicated IP. You will need a dedicated IP. If you are running a business website and in that case, it’s a good idea to go for Business Pro package, apart from that, they have SSL certificate, so if you want to implement HTTPS or you want to integrate SSL certificate, for example, for an e-commerce website, the Business package is the right for you.

So when clicking on signup now, you have an option you can buy, you can get a free domain from the Blue host or you can use your existing domain name. So this domain is available and the best thing is that be saving about 12$ a year because the Blue host offers free domain name.

Now when you are at the sign-up, at the time of checking out, here are a few things that you might like to remove. Domain privacy protection, if you really want to hide your domain details like who is the owner of the domain name? Then you should enable this otherwise it’s a good idea to disable it. Site backup Pro; remove it, you don’t need it, billed annually at 23$, it’s a lot. Similarly, site lock feature, you don’t need it, so technically, you know, you can remove all other extra add-ons which might add an extra burden to your bill.

Now the major thing is, if you buy a package for 12 months, the next year when you renew your hosting, you won’t be getting any discount, you would be paying more than 10$/month which is a lot. If you really want to save your money for long run, I would recommend buy your hosting package for minimum 24 months or 36 months and buy the plus package and you will save a lot in that way and when you are making payment, you can make payment via credit card or you can also click on more payment option and make payment with PayPal.

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