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Published on May 21st, 2018 | by George McKechnie


What Should Be Owned First – A Social Media Page Or A Website?

The power of social media is not hidden to anyone now. From making a presence on the Internet until grabbing customers, everything is now done through this platform. Though the selection should be precise and specific and should satisfy the needs of the business. A LinkedIn might be good for a telecom industry but might not reap good results for a fashion industry. A fashion related company can gain customers through Pinterest or Instagram. Whether the company is a product based or a service based; it relies some way or the other on social media. Now, the thing to be pondered upon is the importance of a website which has several underlying things need to be taken care of.

A website is something which not only requires internal codes to run but the audience should also view the contents and promotion of the website. This role can be best played by the hosting providers. The hosting providers not only host a website but also help in domain registration. Deciding which one should come first can be a daunting task for the new comers. Both have their own importance but the major factor here is money. If you are starting a new business, the first thing you need is capital and the second one is client base. The capital needs to be spent in a proper and systematized manner so that initial phase of business goes on smooth.

Second comes, the client acquisitions which are the main source of income for your business. Indeed, paid strategy goes very well if you are hoping for a quick output, but for the toddler stage, you can always select a social media platform for some quality leads. A lead can easily be gained if you have a good social media presence. It requires many activities to be incorporated simultaneously. Start off with the suitable platform, and then create a proper and strong buzz in the market through various techniques like content, banner or any other forms of promotion. Join groups and forums and interact with the relevant customers to understand their issues and get the answers to their questions immediately. Being present on social media and then interacting with the customers will give you a broader picture of the customer insight. Solving their problems will bring you to notice and hence you can grab those customers for your business. A website, on the other hand, is very important for your business but importance can be given more to the social media platforms. A website is one of the ways of educating your customers but social media is the way of grabbing customers. The moment you bring in customers and you have enough revenue you can hire a professional designer or a developer to get the website stuff done.


A website is an important asset for any business in this era but when it comes to choosing a website over social media, I would suggest social media. It has worked wonders for several businesses.

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