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Published on February 17th, 2018 | by George McKechnie


What Is a cPanel And How Is It Useful To You – If It Really Is

If you are new to the world of websites, this article is for you. Building a website and then making it live for the audience are two different sides of the same coin. A website can be created offline too but making it visible for your audience the first thing that you should do is getting a domain for your website. A domain name should also be well selected keeping in view of the content inside your website. Any hosting provider will be the best ones for getting you a good domain name. Once you have purchased a domain, next thing is the dumping of your entire codes from local setup to live setup (the Internet).

A good hosting provider will guide you in getting the entire set of codes and images to upload it to the live server. Once it is ‘live’, it is now visible to your prospective clients. The hosting provider has a section called ‘cPanel’ which contains all the necessary documents of your website; the codes, the images, the zip file, the backup and every other bit. It is quite similar to your localhost which you were using earlier in your desktop. The cPanel is a section which should be handled only by the administrator, preferably and if you are the sole owner of the website. The company which is having a strength of at least 50 members and all of them are working on the same website, need to have a local set up of that website.

There are several reasons which make cPanel a useful end to handle, like

  1. You have an easy access to all your files in a single go.
  2. No hard work is required in changing the access mode of any file. Read write access can be easily granted through live hosting.
  3. You can easily change the theme of the cPanel and update the software accordingly.
  4. Easy file transfer from your localhost to the live host.
  5. Generally, the hosting is less expensive, so the cPanel, in turn, becomes a cheaper scenario.

Despite being the source of great use, cPanel lacks in some of the aspects

  1. Once a change is made in any of the files or images of the website, that is a permanent change and can not be modified if you do not have a back up of your files.
  2. Only a single person can work on cPanel of any website at a time.
  3. cPanel has some secret codes stored in it which shall not be shared with everyone, so if made accessible to all the developers, it might be harmful to you.

cPanel is indeed very useful but need to be handled with utter care so that your hard work reaps good results and you might not suffer just because of small wrong step from your end. Usually, the hosting providers keep a backup of all your files on a regular interval but rely on yourself rather than others.


Use cPanel to host your website and become live for your audience.

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