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Published on March 9th, 2018 | by George McKechnie


Online Video Strategy – YouTube Search Engine Optimisation

YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google, which just so happens to own YouTube. So be sure to do these 5 things with every video on your YouTube channel to get your videos found.


Use a title that includes your keywords and that a viewer can connect with immediately. Use both individual keywords, and longer phrases (or long tail keywords) and be sure to include your business name in your titles. If you’re an individual, use your own name. You want to rank on YouTube when people search for you. Well, unless your parents were so kind as to give you the same name as some sort of celebrity. In that case, you might just be up against it.


Fill out that little box under the title that says description. The first thing you’ll want is a clickable link to your webpage. That means you need the whole http:// part. Follow that with some tagline that you use in every description. You want this at the top and not the bottom so that people can see an easy way to your website without having to expand the description to find it.

Then YouTube gives you a good deal of real estate to fill with a well-written description that again hits on your primary and secondary keywords. Use that space. Don’t go with a one-sentence description that is paragraphs are well written and useful to a viewer.


Tag your video with relevant tags. Again, use keywords and phrases separated by a comma and think about what unique tags could be valuable. Things like your location, a specific product name or tag the person presenting and use your business name again. Just remember, anytime you do use keywords, they’d better be relevant to the video content and your business.

Custom Thumbnail

Upload a custom thumbnail. An easy way to do this is to screenshot a frame from the video and adds some text to it. Canva is a great tool for putting the text on if you’re not familiar with image editing software. A great looking custom thumbnail increases the likelihood of people choosing to watch your video over other options.


Be sure to upload a transcription. You’ve written out a script to put it to good use. Upload the transcription. This means there’s more text for search engines to crawl over. But also that people can watch your video with captions.

Lastly, make use of YouTube’s annotation and cards features. This gives you the ability to create dynamic links between videos and other content and places across the interwebs.

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