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Published on May 22nd, 2018 | by George McKechnie


Live Chats Or Chat Bots – Which Is Essential For Your Website?

With the people moving more towards digital platforms, there is no scope for mistakes. One needs to be fast paced and try to keep a good track of how the things are changing in the Internet arena. From customer service on phone through cold calling, the marketing has now shifted to a completely digital form. Apart from those marketing things, one which has led a great impact on customer interaction is ‘Live Chat Support’. This has been successful in making the customers happy and the outstanding feature of instant support is remarkable. After analyzing and going through the customer feedback we have concluded that Live Chat is indeed an important feature which needs to be integrated into your website right from the word –‘Go’, but there is another latest invention which is winning great attention – Chatbots. We will be discussing in detail as for how both work and which is the best for your website?

Live Chats have a feature in which a salesperson or the customer support person constantly remain at the backend to get the customer’s request fulfilled.  Any kind of customer help or product/service related query is answered there which is live supported. You get a real-time support in Live Chat which is operated by humans.  This has been quite effective in making many of the customers happy and inching them closer towards a service. It is frequently seen that interacting on phone is usually avoided by the customers for grabbing information related to a product or service. Everyone now prefers the online mode for getting the work done.

Now, on the other hand, are the ChatBots. The Chat Bots are not human operated; they are automatic responders and have no connection with the real-time service. Meaning, a robot answers all your questions which are manipulated and brought in front of you. It is a real-time but the answers given by them might not match up with the questions you put in front of them. These are the latest ones adopted to bring in user-friendliness, but the exact outcome is yet to be received.

If we prefer over Live Chat over Chat Bots, I would recommend using a Live Chat Support for all of my websites, though it will be a daunting task to maintain a 24×7 service at my end, the answers will be relatable to the question put forth by my customers, which is vital. If you are a new website builder and have hosted your website of late, Live Chat can be a better option for you. Chat Bots work on the functionality of Artificial Intelligence and it has a long way to come out with flying colors. Though both Live Chats and Chat Bots provide an excellent database for your prospective clients, yet the Live Chats are preferred over Chatbots for the reason that Live Chats save a lot of money for your business. Integrating a ChatBot is expensive and require some developers to work on it.


Live Chats are my preference over Chat Bots for the initial phase of your business.

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