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Published on February 18th, 2018 | by George McKechnie


How To Create A Blog Which Will Reap Good Results

A blog is one of the most popular ways of promoting a website or your self too. Well, the question arises, especially for new comers as to what is a blog? Though it is an old story as far as I am concerned, yet there was a curiosity in my mind too of knowing what a blog is. How can it be beneficial to an individual? I was focused more on individual perspective as there was no business in my mind. Way back in 1990’s, a blog was only for individual and was a hobby concern only, but as the technology advanced and people knew about its importance, the blog became an important asset for business men.

The digitization is also at its peak and a blog is one of the best ways to upscale a business regardless of the industry. Despite the positiveness embedded in the blog, some procedures need to be followed so that it becomes eye catching and you receive in-numerous traffic to the content. Let us see how a blog should be created so that it reaps good results.

So, Let us begin the awesome journey of creating your dream blog.

The name of the blog

The name plays the lead role in deciding the blog popularity. The reason for saying this is the human mentality. The obvious thinking of any person is to search for the topic he is interested in. So, why not name a blog in such a way keeping in mind the popularity among the audience. The popularity of the topic can be best researched on the ‘Internet’.

The hosting provider

Another factor to be considered is the blog hosting platform or the provider. If you are promoting yourself, the blogger can suffice your need, but if you are into core business and want some traffic generation out of it, you need to host your blog on some good hosting providers. Search for some good providers and then move on ahead.

The design outlay

The design of the blog is equally important for a promotional and popularity purpose. The more eye catchy a design is, the more are your audience. Select a smooth, less load time design.

The quality of the content

Whatever you are writing on the blog, make sure it is to the point. Writing should be according to the readers perspective and not according to your comfort zone. Use those words in the article which can be easily understood by the people. Do not jump on to the complicated words straight away.

Keep updating regularly

A regular update on blog articles and contents is very necessary. A post which is outdated and is not providing knowledge with respect to the latest trend, will surely not grab the attention of the crowd. Creating latest content is the need of the hour.


A blog is one of the medium to promote your business. Relying completely on it won’t do wonders. Creating a fruitful blog is not a daunting task, just understand your audience.

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