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Published on February 28th, 2018 | by George McKechnie


How to Buy Hosting on GoDaddy

Now once you are on the GoDaddy site, depending upon the location you are in, you can select your currency so GoDaddy supports all the country, all the currency and all the languages as well, so which is pretty good. GoDaddy offers two different kinds of hosting:

  • They offer normal hosting which comes with website builder
  • Another one they offer is WordPress hosting.
  1. Now if you plan to start a WordPress website, I would recommend going with their WordPress hosting. Now depending upon your requirement, you can buy any web hosting but just to make it easier for you to pick, if you need to build one WordPress site, I would recommend starting with the basic WordPress site, it’s the cheapest and comes with the entire feature that you really need for your WordPress site. In case you need to install more WordPress site, let’s say, 2 or 5, you can select ultimate or developer hosting package according to your need. So in this case, you will be buying a basic hosting package.
  2. Now one thing which you need to know that if you buy an annual hosting package if you buy hosting for 12 months, you also get one free domain name which makes your hosting cheaper and go ahead and click on ‘add to cart’.
  3. Now this is very crucial as you need to select the term for your hosting and this is very important because if you won’t select the right term, there is hardly any discount coupon for renewal, so technically if you need to renew your hosting after 12 months, you will be paying about 6.99$ and there will be no discounts, so if you are looking to keep your website up and running for longer period, you can buy hosting for 24 or 36, this is one strategy that you can follow right now to save money later on.
  4. Now GoDaddy offers free domain email address using Microsoft office365, so the first year is free, you can actually use it right now or you can skip it. So this is up to you, I personally prefer, creating my domain email address using Zoho mail because it makes it very easy to configure. Apart from that GoDaddy offers add-on, so you can buy site lock or you can buy SSL certificate.
  5. Now you should buy SSL certificate only when you are building an e-commerce, you know if you are doing a transaction on your website, if it’s not required, just keep this two-part, you will save a lot of money. So click on continue, now this is a section where you need to select your domain name, so just for the sake, let me type this random domain name or GoDaddy video guides. Click on search, so GoDaddy offers free domain name on .com, .co, .net, and .org, so if this domain name is not available, so once you are on this free domain page, you need to figure out which domain name you want to buy, get a free domain name using .com, .co, .net, and .org extension.
  6. So if this is available, so click on select and continue and this is what you need to do, so this is your checkout page and this is very important because this is where you will configure everything, so you can select your domain for 2 years or 3 years depending upon your goal. Similarly, you can also change your hosting package tenure, you can buy it for 5 years, so very few hosting companies which offer to host for 5 years and GoDaddy is one of them.
  7. Now if you need to hide your domain data like nobody should know who bought this domain, you need to buy this particular thing. So I would recommend you can skip this but if you really want to hide your identity online, you should buy this wiz guard, or simply click on keep my personal info public.
  8. Similarly, GoDaddy offer, do a lot of upselling despite the fact they are one of the best web hosting, they are notoriously doing a lot upselling, so you can skip all these part and simply click on proceed to checkout. So here you will be paying money for one year hosting and one free domain, now you need to click on the new customer or if you already have a GoDaddy account, you can click on that and create your GoDaddy account.
  9. So once you have created your GoDaddy account, the next step is to make the payment, GoDaddy offers various payment options including credit card, PayPal and few more, so you can use any of them and within minutes, your web hosting and domain will be ready to be used. So this is about GoDaddy, buying web hosting from GoDaddy.

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