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Published on May 20th, 2018 | by George McKechnie


How Does A Firewall Play An Important Role In The Internet World?

The Internet is ladened with lots of positive and negative things. The complete population around the world is now dependent upon the Internet. Looking for a small showroom of Jewelry, Google it around and you are there in just no time. This is where we are standing right now just because of the speedy amalgamation of Search Engines and the Internet.

Many websites too are running in the same manner and every day we see hundreds of websites being coming up and working hard to gain popularity. We get to know about the new websites through the Search Engines and also the hosting providers who continuously write something about their success stories. When we register a domain and get a hosting of our website, we need to be very cautious about the hosting provider selection. The hackers are right behind the new websites which usually do not pay heed to the protection features. But, anyone who is dealing in the Internet world must be well aware of the word ‘firewall’ or the ‘Anti-virus’.

The firewall is a very important part of any website or even the hardware too. Protecting the data from being attacked by malicious items should be top on your list. Firewalls protect from various attacks and fortunately, if you have installed it on your system or website, you are no more prone to transactional failure (if your website is dealing with Banking transactions). Basically, there are 2 types of firewalls. We will discuss them in detail.

Types of Firewall

Software Firewall

These are a no different from regular software, the only thing is that it contains a set of codes which prevents the malicious items on the Internet.

Hardware Firewall

These are an external device, which can be a computer or so which protects against the unwanted traffic to get entered into your hardware and let a smooth working of the parts. Sometimes, necessary information is also blocked due to high end-security feature.

So, what is the importance of getting a firewall? Here are some of the facts.

The firewalls protect from all the unwanted content from being entered into your websites. It may happen that you are downloading a movie and an interlinking pop-up comes up and a ‘.exe’ file gets downloaded automatically. This will happen only if you are not having a firewall installed on your system or website. A firewall will block this automatic download for sure and prevent the damage.

Also, if you are a game lover, you will surely download new games from the Internet. The gaming sites are best known for virus-spreaders. If you are using a firewall, you are safe and can enjoy the new game each time.


A firewall is as important for your system as brushing your teeth on daily basis. The Internet world is full of hackers now, so do not give them a chance to attack and become a victim. If you are using the Internet, install a firewall right away.

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