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Published on May 21st, 2018 | by George McKechnie


Hosting Provider And SEO – Are They Walking Side By Side?

With the popularity of the Internet and sarcastic rise in the digitization, many customers are quite confused in choosing the right hosting provider. As always, the search engines are a game changer right now; Google being on top. The reason for being the game changer is that everything; search engine optimization, ranking, popularity, sales, revenue through the Internet, all are dependent upon it. A small modification or even an update needs to be closely analyzed if you are into the digital world. Keeping a good pace with the changing algorithms and robotic structure of the Google has mingled the minds of many.

Is SEO going to suffer due to a wrong choice of hosting provider?

Surely, a wrong choice can lead to a business failure and running a website online is no less than a business. What if you are not aware of the companies working methods and how is an SEO works in boosting a business? You need to have a good track of what is going on the Internet and how frequently a new rule is implemented by the leading search engines.

Coming straight to the point, a hosting provider is not going to affect your business directly, but a poor provider can put you back in the race for sure. Many people opt for a hosting provider depending upon their budget, this is right to much extent because if you cannot afford how can you invest. But, the idea behind this strategy is that you should always opt for the best hosting provider who gives you a good security feature, proper backup and keeping you updated with the market.

Any server on which your website is hosted if gets frequently down for some or the other reason, it is surely going to affect the SEO ranking. This is not a usual practice among the reputed hosting providers. A server which has security issues and does not have a proper firewall protection may give an open invitation to hackers. This is certainly not liked by all (business men). Proper backup up of the files is usually the task of the owner, but hosting providers too, need to maintain a series of backup. The providers losing in this aspect can be a point to be pondered upon.

All the above-mentioned points are equally important for a smooth running of SEO ranking. No sooner a website is down, irrespective of the reason, the ranking is sure to suffer. A business which is keen towards aplomb success should always choose a good hosting provider and be acknowledged for their work and performance both. A small gap of a website downtime will not lead you to a tough phase, but a prolonged and frequent one is sure to be considered.


Though hosting providers do not play a vital role in SEO performance, but it is that important thing in the aspect of the online business which can not be ignored. Choose the best hosting provider so that you lead a hassle free life in terms of website care and security.

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