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Published on May 20th, 2018 | by George McKechnie


Domain Name – Know The Ins And Outs Of It

This article is particularly for those who are new to the Internet and are planning to start on with their own website, probably blogging on WordPress or Blogger. Keeping in view of such audience who are learning from scratch about the websites and the domain registrations, I have planned my text in the same manner.

To be an advance trend, the domain name has also gained much popularity due to the fact that it has helped many people earn a lot of money out of it. We will discuss later in the article as for how is it beneficial for a lay man too. The domain name is similar to that of your name, which helps identify you from others. The domain is a unique name given to a website which distinguishes it from other websites. Some set of protocol is maintained while getting a domain name so that it is understood in the Internet language. These domain names are used to access any information which is available there on the Internet.

The major purpose of any domain name is to make an easy access of any of the website and with a unique address. There is no restriction on naming a domain; the only thing that should be kept in mind is the protocol that is followed. Usually, a domain name is kept keeping in mind of the context that a website holds. Suppose a fashion website can name a domain relating to that context and same for another genre as well.

History behind domain name

If we get back in the history of the domain, we come to know that first ever registered and the viable domain name was way back in the year 1985 when a computer manufacturer company named its first domain as Many say that this domain was later purchased by some other company after around 25 years of its usage. After successful domain name running for a decade now, the manufacturers understood its importance and in the year 1995, the domain name was no longer free and the users need to pay some amount to get the domain name registered.

As the years elapsed and the popularity, as well as the dominance, increased for the Internet, domain name registration became a business for many. Many individuals became an entrepreneur by selling the domain. After a long journey covered, the domain registrations and their selling have reached heights in terms of business prospects. Purchasing a unique domain and then selling it at a higher price when the demand arises is also one of the ways of earning money through this. Purchasing a domain name is a kind of investment these days, people are getting benefited by appropriate usage of it. With the Internet of Things gaining its popularity, unique domain name registration has escalated.


If you are new to the Internet, learn step by step of the domain and hosting principles. There is no rocket science involved in it especially when you yourself are living in an era of Digitization and the Internet.

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