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Published on March 10th, 2018 | by George McKechnie


Are You Planning To Change Your Domain Name – Things You Should Know

Domain and hosting go side by side. Domain registration is the primary step and hosting follows later on. Earlier when domain came into existence, only three types of domain were available- .com, .org, .net, but the advancement in the Internet era has brought in many other sub-domain features. It was far easier to get your desired domain name in the olden time but now despite a variety of options available, we hardly get our best choice name.

How to choose a domain name?

This is probably the most thought point by almost all the individuals who are planning to run a website. Choosing the right domain name has a lot to do with your website’s popularity. Searching a keyword relevant to your product or services which you are dealing with is very important. Do a proper research on the keywords of your industry and then decide for the domain name.

Also, keep in mind to have an easily remembered domain name. The easier it is to learn, the more users can open it on a single go. A lot of debate was done recently on sub-domains. The topic was usually whether the sub-domains relating to a specific country be purchased or not? Also, is it beneficial for the business or is it just for the sake of your own choice? To make it clear, sub-domains have been proved to be very useful for the business, provided you have a broader audience.

Search engines love to have a sub-domain for any particular business. They assume it is a more professional way of working online. The point that needs to be considered is the ‘business area’. If you own a business which is restricted to a country only, then purchasing a sub-domain with some different country’s significance is probably wastage of money and effort.

Changing a domain and its impact

It is often seen that an individual changes its domain due to very few reasons. The most common being the merger of two big companies. Usually, this should not be a common practice, though many prefer doing so.

The other probable reason could be a total lack of knowledge and unclear vision of the business. Meaning, the individual which has planned to start a telecom business, saw its failure in few years, so now want a new domain registration with the same domain name for a different business and vice-versa.

Changing a domain name will surely affect your search engine optimization and you need to be very clear at this point. If you are into business for more than 5 years and now planning to change the domain, then remember all your hard work in building the popularity of the website will go vain. Keywords need to be researched again and above all, Google will take a lot of time to regain that website as it will consider it as new to its directory.


If you are really planning to change your domain name, be prepared to work from scratch as far as search engine optimization is concerned.

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